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Wealth Management – The best financial plan for your situation

It can be difficult to oversee your wishes and goals for now and the future. Are they feasible, what are the risks, are there any alternatives? Together with you we assess your situation. On this basis we deliver a solid wealth plan.

Are you an active or passive investor? Do you pay too much tax on your investments? How much do you pay your asset manager, do they still fulfill your wishes, and do they achieve the desired results? Do your current assets allow you to stop working? With our thorough financial and tax knowledge, we know which choices to make for the long term. We are no asset managers ourselves, but we do know which firms suit you best. Being independent means our advice is honest and transparent and will always fully fit your needs.

Estate Planning – 

Assurance and peace of mind for the next generation

Do you check your will every five years? Do your choices still match with the ever-changing laws and regulations? What are the financial consequences of buying a house abroad? What happens if an entrepreneur becomes mentally incompetent, without having taken the right precautions?

Legacy might not be something you are thinking about right now. It is, however, important to make the proper arrangements. We help you to make the right decisions. Because your assets should not become a burden to the next generation. We advise you about your marital property agreement, the contents of your will and how you might transfer assets now already. We also provide guidance for the settlement of legacies.

Administration – Grip on, insight into and overview of your total financial situation

Your professional administration can be time-consuming and complex. It distracts from what you are good at. So let us take it off your hands. If you wish, we can take care of the complete documentation and administration of your assets. We prepare your annual accounts and take care of your income tax return and/or corporate income tax return. As family office, we can prepare a consolidated report of your investments. You will receive a complete overview of your listed assets, private equity investments and real estate.

Mapping all parts of your wealth and adjusting them to one another leads to a better overview. This will save you time and money and will give you peace of mind.

Property Management – Financial and Technical Management

Do you have an investment property or properties? Or do you want to rent out your home?
We coordinate and monitor rental income, draw up rental contracts and solve technical problems at your property. Alpine acts 24/7 as a point of contact for both tenant and landlord. We also provide you with a clear financial overview every month. Do you have other specific wishes with which we can unburden you? Feel free to contact us.